The mission of the Association of Virtual Assistants is to be the most trusted source of information in the VA industry. We promote a high standard of excellence within our Association, which not only benefits current and future virtual assistants but those we serve - the client.

Being a member comes with benefits!

Immediate Member Discounts!

Not only will you be able to join at the lowest price ever, we’ve already secured you discounts and special offerings from companies you already know, like, trust, and use. For starters we’re bringing you such companies as AdEspresso, Slack, Teachable, and Upflex! Membership equals benefits and rewards you can and will use immediately.

Private Slack Community

BE HEARD! We value and want your input: ideas, problems and concerns. We’re the association that can make change happen! This isn’t just another online group where you have to shuffle through the noise. We’re thoughtfully hosting our community within Slack so you can join channels that pertain to your business' circumstances.

Overlooked to Overbooked!

Do you want more client leads? Do you want a place to find a new VA to serve a client you can’t any longer? We’ve got you covered! Our CEO has created a business and written a bestseller, Hire the Right Virtual Assistant, on the topic. You can bet members of the AVA you will have plenty of leads searching for a VA just like you!

Additionally, we’ll host:

Workshops & Training

Guest experts from technology companies showing you the latest tips before they get released to the public

In-person Events

Events you will actually want to attend (we love our freedom and flexibility, but meeting your new BFFs in person is going to be epic!)


Melissa Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Kiri Mohan

Chief Operating Officer

Mimi Klosterman

Chief Marketing Officer

Tammy Lorette

Chief Officer of Engagement


Q. Why do industry standards matter?

a. A world without industry standards would mean chaos. From minimum safety standards when building homes, to how we put gas in our vehicles, the outlet plugs we use, and even how we are affected by time zones. VAs may not run the world yet, but think of how often and how much of your times is spent educating clients on the industry of virtual assistants. I know this first hand and have written two books and recently revised my first book, Hire the Right Virtual Assistant, to include industry standards.

Q. Why do clients care about industry standards?

a. In our research, we found that a major factor for clients not hiring a virtual assistant was not solely based on price - it was based on the fact they could not verify if what they were paying was reasonable in comparison to other VAs. Imagine yourself as a consumer and trying to make a purchase without any knowledge of the market. Would you make a significant purchase, one with lasting impact on your business (which has a direct impact on your lifestyle) without doing some research? Your future clients are savvy consumers and will gladly pay you your worth if they know they are not overpaying.

Q. How do industry standards protect VAs?

a. It’s like instating a minimum wage act. However, the real benefit is to maximize the reliability of service and those standards.

Q. What kind of future benefits does the AVA imagine?

a. The future development of new services offered by VAs. Along with new services comes new pricing and the need to be promoted to increase awareness which we will do, as well as communicating the latest industry and market trends.

Q. What if my services are priced above industry standards?

a. Great! The AVA will work with you to have your VA Elite skills and abilities stand out from the competition. However, if the client doesn’t have a base of industry standards how would he/she know that they were receiving elite service? We’ll make sure that you are recognizable.

Q. Do Virtual Assistants really need an association to advocate on their behalf?

a. Yes! As the industry faces new challenges and incredible opportunities the standards, from pricing to protocol, and procedure must be tested and updated. This provides protection and may even require laws to be passed. Something the Association of Virtual Assistants is committed to. Traditional in-person assistants have their associations, now you have yours!

Q. I’m already a part of several VA groups. How is this different?

a. For starters, this is not a group. Rather an association. The group you are a part of at the moment is most likely defined by a single VA. The group may have his/her trademarked methodology or service system as an added benefit. The purpose of the Association of Virtual Assistants is not to form a group around any one person’s ideas or objectives. The AVA is committed to serving the industry as a whole and in unity. While we will do everything we can to support your personal and professional development this is about future-proofing an entire industry. Something that no one else and no group is addressing.

Q. Doesn't helping the community increase my competition?

a. Your AVA community isn’t here to compete with you. Rather this is your community to build you up and support you both personally and professionally. It can be lonely at times and we’ll even have a channel to share what you’re working on, what you’re listening to, and, yes, a place to share your cat pics!

Q. Why should I care about the future of virtual assistants?

a. Being an assistant is a calling and a privilege. As VAs we get to live the best of both worlds by serving and enjoying freedom and flexibility. It is a field many are entering and more easily than ever before thanks to all those who paved the way before us. It should be our duty and calling to also provide a trusted resource for those virtual assistants entering the field daily, as well as those in the future. The AVA will be a trusted resource for the virtual assistants of today, tomorrow, and the future. Be a part of the industry standards now and in the future by joining the Association of Virtual Assistants. As a member you play a critical role in helping us shape the future of virtual assistants. Without industry standards and advocacy virtual assistants are at risk and have to climb an uphill battle on their own. The AVA will pave the way for current and future VAs so you can once and for all stop having to explain what you do, defend your prices, and show proof of your expertise. We plan to create, with your help, a VA certification that matters and is widely recognized to make sure clients can tell you apart from the rest.

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